YES. Yum Actually brings you and your family Yummy Fruit & Veggie packed ice cream that is made by combining superfoods with all-natural dairy ice ingredients.

A fruit or a vegetable is always the first ingredient with secondary flavors built around them. A first of its kind. 

It’s crazy brilliant!  Each serving of Butternut Squash Butterscotch delivers 45% of your daily value of Vitamin A, while Yummy Mango and Caramel Sweet Potato deliver 20% and a whopping 90% of your daily value of Vitamin C, which makes this a favorite treat for kids AND parents. We don’t know about your kids, but ours would choose ice cream over salad any day! 

No more sugar rushes! Yum Actually is 40% lower in sugar than leading ice cream brands, and more than 65% lower in added sugar. Another bonus - we use none of those icky artificial sweeteners. Ever.

Really, who has time to eat dessert from a bowl these days?  Because our flavors come in small portable cups, kids can enjoy Yum Actually at the park, at the zoo, or—just so you’ll know—while hiding under their beds!  

We use hormone rBST-free milk for our flavors, as well as all natural and gluten-free ingredients in our ice cream. We store this goodness in recyclable packaging.