Nicole Frankel

I stood in the kitchen of my New York City apartment, staring into the refrigerator and asking myself, “How can I get her to eat more fruits and veggies?” Then I glanced at a pint of ice cream lining the freezer door and my product idea was born.  I tossed a sweet potato and some dairy ingredients into my ice cream maker, and what resulted was a smooth, delectable, AND nutritious frozen dessert. After some initial protest about eating a dessert made out of a vegetable,my daughter looked up at me and said “it’s yum actually!

Yum Actually brings you and your family flavorful fruit & veggie frozen dairy treats that are actually wholesome. We do this by replacing some of the dairy with superfoods that are naturally creamy and delicious. Enjoy!


My son wouldn’t even touch a butternut squash before, and now he’s eating it regularly!”


Kate, mother of 2 in NYC

Yum Actually proudly supports the Ronald McDonald House Share a Night campaign in New York”