I’ve always believed that the best things in life are made from scratch, using ICE CREAM, and with love! Love for the customer who gets to enjoy the sensation of a new taste. Love for the science and art behind making ice cream. Love for those OGs who paved the way through innovation and with passion.

As I watch my boys deconstruct their toys with curiosity, (and yes, often their meals!) I see my young knowledge-seeking self and am reminded of the emphasis my parents placed on diligence and discovery. It was all so wonderful - learning how to make ice cream one warm summer evening as my parents, siblings and I cranked away on an old Amish ice cream maker. I loved discovering that I could both make and eat ice cream in one day!

The impression my job making YUM ACTUALLY ice cream has on my kids really excites and intrigues me. Just the other day, Eleanor asked me how I got a job making ice cream all day? She then asked how long she would need to stay in school in order to get a job eating ice cream. I know it’s only a matter of time before she persuades me to teach her how to make it herself.

SBTB and the Marathon…

As my sister and I applied 20,000 freezer labels on YUM ACTUALLY ice cream lids a couple weekends ago – wearing catchy surgical masks and gloves – the notion of care and effort were not lost on me. And in case you’re wondering, yes, we owed much of our endurance to our childhood favorite – Saved By The Bell – which we played throughout the entire weekend.

Scooping Back…

I move toward Yum Actually’s summer launch with optimism and anticipation. Your constructive feedback has contributed greatly to my launch! I learned that not only are retailers excited to carry Yum Actually ice cream treats in their stores, but that parents across Manhattan are thrilled to feed their kids yummy ice creams that provide a nutritional twist.

Get ready to see Yum Actually in your local grocery stores and fairs across New York City; I’m ready to put those freezer labels to good use!


Nicole Frankel

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