Fall 2019

I am finally getting the chance to come up for air and update my blog!

The past 3 months have been filled with the many ups and downs of launching a business. Okay…most of them have been DOWNS: We were hit with production delays, lost ingredients, and packaging typos that went unnoticed until too late! Never one to back away from a challenge, I’ve persisted (thank God for motivational books, podcasts, essays, salty margaritas, AND the countless people who already love Yum Actually and offered encouragement)! We are now happy to announce that we have launched our ice cream in 13 different stores around New York City. Our website will be continually updated with these stores, so stay tuned. So far, store buyer, and most importantly, consumer feedback, has been very favorable. After sampling the ice cream, one mother exclaimed “My son can have two of these and still have less sugar than he probably consumed for breakfast this morning!” I loved hearing this, for the statement encapsulated my goals!

On the work front, this Fall (my absolute favorite season) will consist of many in-store demos, promotional events, and new flavor development – think yummy chocolate combined with a creamy and delicious fruit. We will also be introducing online shopping over the next 2 months! On the personal front, a lot of football and hockey will be watched, my daughter is officially in grade school (!!), and hopefully the twins will learn to use their potties properly instead of throwing them at each other…..

Have a great Fall, ya’ll!

Nicole Frankel

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