Get the Scoop: May Updates from Yum Actually

Hello YA family,

Just in case you’ve lost total track of time—it’s May now. (Woof, that even feels weird to type.)

We first want to start by saying that we hope your family is staying safe and healthy during this time.

Secondly, we have a few Yum Actually updates we’d like to share with our readers: ways we’re helping the community right now, and a little bit of exciting news for you, too.

For our Community:

● Yum Actually has donated several cases of ice cream to Westend Intergeneration Residence, which provides temporary housing and support to young homeless mothers. We’ve also donated several of our cases of ice cream to Rethink Food, which assists with food need and access during times of crisis.

● To bring a little cheer to our frontline workers, we hid well-sterilized ducks in bushes outside of several NYC emergency rooms. Attached to the ducks was a short note showing our appreciation and an offer to deliver two free boxes of ice cream to their door.

For You:

● It’s time to give your oven a break, you’ve baked enough! Instead, enjoy some healthy and nutritious ice cream delivered straight to your doorstep. We’ve recently joined Grubhub to offer contactless delivery of our ice cream to New Yorkers, and each delivery comes with a small gift, too.

Our ice cream cups are the perfect treat to stock up on—or send to a loved one—when you’re staying at home.

● We have an exciting social media giveaway coming up at the end of May you won’t want to miss. Make sure you’re following @yumactually on IG to get the full scoop.

And just a few quotes in parting that feel VERY real right now:

“Be open time adjustments. There’s nothing about this current moment in history that allows for stubbornness.” - Unknown

“Never in a million years did I imagine I’d be driving by a bank in a mask asking for cash, but here we are...”

Hoping to see you IRL soon,


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