Staying busy...


Lots of things have happened since my first blog post.

Where should we start? The personal front or the business front? Honestly, can you even separate the two?!!

While working on my business plan, not one, but two viruses decided to make their way through our home. This meant I was scribbling ideas on the back of kitchen napkins as quickly as I could in between taking care of three sick kids and a sick husband. (All the women out there who really read that last sentence as four sick kids - you get me!)

I remember when I was younger and sans children when a coworker would call off work because of their sick child and I thought, “how fun,” they get a sick day from work and they’re not even the one who is sick.

I stand corrected, guys. Yikes, it wasn’t fun.

Speaking of sick days, I also had to have unexpected emergency surgery. While it slowed me down a bit physically, I used it as a time to brainstorm ideas and work on my business plan in bed..Oh, and catch up on Hallmark Christmas specials of course…

My husband and I also made a short trip to my new favorite city - Krakow. Not only did we have some kid-free “us” time (woo!) in a beautiful city, I discovered a few new flavor inspirations. Persimmon anyone?

Speaking of new flavors, I’ve recently developed a new flavor that I’m so excited to share. I won’t give away all the details just yet, but I will give you a hint: it involves yummy butternut squash!

Apart from developing new flavors, next on the to-do list was to meet with local retailers. I’m both humbled and thrilled (!) about early interests in carrying Yum Actually products. I know it’ll be a surreal experience when I first see them on the shelves!

I’ve also met with a couple of fabulous co-packers that I may partner with to manufacture my product on a larger scale.

Last, and most certainly not least, I’ve got a date set for next month to meet with my charity partner, the wonderful Ronald McDonald House.

Check. Check. Check.

Oh, and if life isn’t already busy enough, I booked my ticket to San Francisco for the Winter Fancy Food Show in January. (This totally counts as research, right? ;) )

Until next time!

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